Holding Back the Tide

Oysters were, and are, quintessential New York. This hybrid experimental documentary explores their gastronomic and sexual symbolism as queer heroes, multiplying as communities and filtering their environment. Oysters that once filled the harbor linger, haunting the city with cautionary tales of greed while environmental hopefuls work to rehabilitate the water, and community activists bring oysters back into the diet of the common people.

Creative Team: Emily Packer, Liz Beeson, John Marty, Lindsey Phillips, Ben Stillerman, Julia Lewis, Trey Tetreault, Josh Margolis, Lesley Steele.

IFP Fiscal Sponsorship

Semi-Finalist for Roy W. Dean Film Grant. Seeking funding.

Non-profit Partners: Waterfront Alliance.  Seeking partnerships with LGBTQIA+ and food justice organizations.

In production, estimated completion 2022.

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