By Way of Canarsie



After years of neglect by the City of New York and the devastation of Hurricane Sandy – the coastal community of Canarsie, Brooklyn wants more. Using a variety of formats, this experimental series of vignettes explores Canarsie’s unique relationship to the water through recreation, resiliency, and the community’s imagination for the future.

Co-directed with Lesley Steele as a part of the UnionDocs 2019 Collaborative Studio

See it on Criterion Channel or Argo

Featured in the inaugural collection by Dedza Films “Who Will Start Another Fire” covered by Filmmaker Magazine, IDA, the Brooklyn Reader, and as a part of Dedza’s “Scrapbook”. Check Dedza’s website for online and in-person screenings and streaming.


Playing with Northwestern University’s “Shoreline Film Series” 2022

Played at Third Horizons Film Festival 2021

World Premiere at Blackstar Film Festival 2020 covered by Tinsel & Tine

NYC Premiere at DocNYC 2020

Midwestern Premiere at Better Cities Festival 2020

Minnesota Premiere at Twin Cities Black Film Festival 2020

Prismatic Ground April 8-18th 2021

Public preview in June 2019 covered by the Canarsie Courier

TRT: 00:14:01