About Marginal Gap Films

Marginal Gap Films is the personal and professional work of Emily Packer, who also does freelance videography.

Marginal Gap Films strives to approach creative understandings of non fiction film, and varies in style from documentary to reflexive, experimental, and poetic. These films do not claim to present the Truth, but create and expose their own truths. The styles used are evolving to engage audiences into participation in the narrative, creating not just witnesses, but active members of the filmmaking process.

The subject matter and themes that Marginal Gap Films takes on deal with Border Cultures, Border Traumas, and Border Theory. Where two or more cultures are separated, there is opportunity for them to meet. With cinematographic intervention, these divisions and their potential for connectivity become clear, created, and destroyed through the power of the juxtaposed and moving image that inherently fragments and recreates space(s). This intervention allows for these borders to be reconsidered, and potentially initiate conversation to form and digest counter-narratives.

These projects rely on growing empathy, critical awareness, and an understanding of how the Self operates in the construction of the Other to use film as art that inspires action and constructive decoding of media and the borders around us.